今日关注-September 9

今日关注-September 9, 2011

Topic: 十年反恐 世界改变了什么-Ten years of fighting terrorism and how the world has changed.

First Five Minutes: The first part of this program discusses the recent news released by the U.S. government that 3 people from Pakistan have reportedly snuck into the country and officials believe that they intend to carry out an attack on the 10th anniversary of September 11th. Although there has not been another successful attack on American soil, the commentators discuss that fact that terrorism in other areas of the world, particularly Pakistan, continues to be a problem.

情报-an intelligence report
恐怖袭击-terrorist attack
手段-method or tactic
排除-to eliminate
成就-accomplishment, success

From Five Minutes to Fifteen Minutes: This segment looks at the success and failures of the U.S. war against terrorism. While there has not been another attack on American soil, the moderator asks why it took ten years to hunt down Osama Bin Laden. The discussion then shifts to why terrorism persists and both commentators touch on the fact that the long-term factors that lead to terrorism—stagnant economies and discontented youths have not been alleviated in the past ten years. With this in mind, one commentator advances that point that looking back over the last ten years it cannot really be said that American or the world is any safer. Building off of this, the other commentator suggests that by expanding the war on terrorism, the United States  increased the likelihood of potential attacks around the world.

海豹队-Navy Seals
泡汤-To spoil, have one’s hopes dashed. (Here the phrase is used in the context that is another terrorist attack happens in the U.S., Obama’s chances for reelection will spoiled).
土壤-the soil
愤懑-resentful, discontented
报仇-to avenge, revenge
精确-accurate, precise (Here used in the context of saying that someone’s analysis is on point. 我觉得他的分析是非常精确)
榛芜-wilderness, middle of nowhere

From Fifteen Minutes to Fifteen Minutes: This final segment looks at how American strategy has changed over the past ten years and how to evaluate its future prospects. The moderator asks if Obama’s strategy of shifting the focus of American efforts to Afghanistan and his speeches stressing that American is not at was with Islam have been effective. Due to the overhang of the Bush administration, one commentator holds that Obama’s change in strategy has not brought much obvious success. The program ends as its begins with one commentator suggesting that the success of America’s campaign against terrorism depends on what perspective one employs. While there has been no attack in America, the same cannot be said for the rest of the world.

扩大化-to expand. As is to expand the war on terrorism
庞大-large or huge (In this case it is used in the context of American paying a large price for in the past ten years for its campaign against terrorism.
撤军-to withdraw troops
撤离-to withdraw from
盟友-allies (The word for ally is 同盟)
击毙-to shoot or to kill
经不起-Be unable to bear
反扑-To counterattack
和解-to reconcile
滋生-to breed, flourish
迄今为止-up till today, up till now


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