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新闻联播-The New Edition, September 25, 2011

For a long time, and perhaps still today, 新闻联播 (News Live) might just be the most-watched television news program in the world. Aired daily at 7pm, the broadcast is the most direct mouthpiece of the Communist Party outside of the … Continue reading

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新闻1+1–September 21

Topic: 我爸是市长—谁在说?Who said “I am the Mayor’s Son”? Background: This news program is not a talk show but focuses more on investigatory journalism and usually limits itself to domestic events. The host,白岩松 ,is very popular—particularly with young people—but increasingly controversial. … Continue reading

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今日观察-September 14

Background: Unlike previous posts that examine 今日关注 on CCTV 4, this post looks at an episode of 今日观察 which airs of CCTV 2, the economics channel. Also, the show aired while the so-called “Summer Davos” took place in Dalian. While … Continue reading

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今日关注-September 9

今日关注-September 9, 2011 Topic: 十年反恐 世界改变了什么-Ten years of fighting terrorism and how the world has changed. First Five Minutes: The first part of this program discusses the recent news released by the U.S. government that 3 people from Pakistan have … Continue reading

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