Goals and Aims

This blog will provide description and analysis of several Chinese television programs that focus on current events. Early posts will examine one program from CCTV and one program not so closely associated with the government. The first program, 今日关注, airs on CCTV 4 and is a 30 minute talk show that usually deals with international issues and how China is involved in them. The guests are generally professors at various Beijing Universities or research centers. The program airs daily and can be accessed at: http://cctv.cntv.cn/lm/jinriguanzhu/index.shtml

Other posts will look at a show with a similar format 首席评论. This program tends to focus on more domestic issues and the guests are often journalists from the magazine 新世纪 as well as other papers and web portals. 新世纪 is a spin-off of the controversial magazine 财经 that closed several years ago after its editor 胡舒立 apparently pushed the publication’s commentary a bit too far and fan afoul of government censors. 首席评论 is best accessed through a search on http://www.youku.com or through the website for 新世纪 which is http://www.caing.com. In order to view videos at this address you have to register online.

Beyond a place for description and analysis, this blog aims to become forum where advanced students of Chinese language can come together in order to further listening comprehension and build the specialized vocabulary. With this goal in mind, posts will make attempts to include vocabulary, set phrases and various types of 官话. Unfortunately, as one advances in the Chinese language there are fewer resources and one often finds that progress comes solely through reading the newspaper and looking up the odd word or character combination that is unfamiliar. This blog hopes to fill this gap.

Comments and recommendations for other news program are always welcome (as are guest posts).


About chinanewsprograms

Summary and analysis of Chinese TV programs by a PhD student in Chinese history.
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